Mates, Crushes, and Pups Rules & Info

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Mates, Crushes, and Pups Rules & Info

Post by Rendali on Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:07 pm


Crushes can happen with any wolf in the pack, but crushing on an already mated wolf can lead to trouble. Also if you have a crush on another wolf, but they don't feel the same, you can not force them to like you. Crushes are wonderful things, that usually leads to mated pairs!

Being mates is a special bond being two wolves, that links them with love and harmony. The two wolves who want to become mates must: Love each other, no one can force you to be their mate here! Get along well, we don't want to see a couple fighting all the time. Have known each other for a while, you can't become mates after only knowing each other for a day. After you have met those standards you will message your clan Alpha about your decision, and if they accept, you will ask the wolf to be you mate in the roleplay and a ceremony will be held if you like.

Adopting a Pup
To adopt a pup you must first ask the pup, then ask your clan Alpha for permission. If you adopt a pup that pup is then your full responsibility.

-You don't have to have a mate
-You must feed and care for the pup
-The clan will help you with raising the pup, but it will not do all the work.
-At the age of nine months, your pup will HAVE to go to Magic Clan to learn their element
-DO NOT adopt a pup if you will not care for it.

Having Your Own Pups
To have your own pups you must have a mate, and both of you must want pups. Before you conceive you must ask your clan Alpha in role play if you and your mate can have a litter.

-You must both be fairly active.
-You may have from 1-6 pups and spots for them will be advertised on the pack site.
-You may pick the numbers of pups but YOU must find RPers for the pups.
-The RPers may be new members or you may ask some of the other pack members if they would like to give up their character to become a pup.
-If you are going to give up your character to become a pup. You must kill off you character some way and then wait until the pups are born.
-Pups will be born when all pup slots are filled.
-When pups are nine months old the pups will go to Magic Clan to learn their element

Pups Birth & Aging
When all slots are filled, the pups will be born with the help of an Healer in the roleplay. For the first week the pups will be restricted on what they can do. Look below to see aging.

How it works-

Time of Roleplay= Age: What you can do~

Week 1= Newborn: Born approximately one pound, blind, deaf, darkly furred, small ears, rounded heads, and little if any sense of smell. They are limited to a slow crawl and to suckling and licking.

Week 2= weeks: Eyes open and are blue, but vision is poor. They can start eating small pieces of meat regurgitated by adults. Pups begin to stand, walk, and learn to speak.

Week 3= weeks: Begin appearing outside the den and romping and playing near the entrance; ears begin to become erect and hearing begins to get better.

Week 4= weeks: Begins to venture out of the den with mother and learns to socialize with the other members of the clan for short periods of time.

Week 5= weeks: Grows adult hair around nose and eyes; begins to learn to howl and are gaining strength; mother may go off for hours on end to hunt; dominance and play fighting begin. Puppy will begin to recognize his/her name and will interact with the clan members more.

Week 6= weeks: Gradual process of weaning begins. Can follow adults up to one mile from den and begin to go out on adventures. Puppies will need to be watched closely for their natural instinct to sneak off and explore his/her new environment will kick in.

Week 7= weeks: Adult teeth begin to come in and will be able to eat solid foods, but still drinks milk from time to time.

Week 8= months: Weaning complete, pups can feed on food provided by adults; adult hair becomes apparent on body. Eyes gradually change from blue to whatever color their eyes will be as an adult.

Week 9= Yearling: Begin to follow adults around the territory and learn their element.


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