Global announcement: Alphas' Wanted!

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Global announcement: Alphas' Wanted!

Post by Rendali on Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:13 pm

Renaldi Pack is looking for Alphas'!! If you think you would like to be one, please fill out the form at the bottom and PM to me! (Whatever choice I make, please don't take it to heart!!) Before you decide to become one, consider the responsibilities:

You will have to moderate EVERY post and topic
You will HAVE to enforce the rules (if not, you get 3 tries, then your OUT)
You will be moderating the chatbox

The open clans are: Water, Stone, Fire, Plant

~Alpha Form~
Wolf Name:
Clan wanted to lead:
Your Personality (Please be true!):
What would you do if a member started cussing out another member?
What would you do if a member started SPAMming in the chatbox?
What would you do if a member posted a topic in the wrong forum?
Your activity will also help me decide. ALL MEMBERS WHO WANT THIS RANK MUST FILL OUT THE FORM!!! You cannot simply ask me because where best friends; it wouldn't be fair to the other members trying out!


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