The Site's Rules

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The Site's Rules

Post by Rendali on Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:11 pm

~Each member will have four warnings for breaking rules. First time: Warning. Second time: Demoted to Omega, Sparkles/Reputation -10. Third time: Lose special privileges (Chatbox, ability to become PMotM, etc). Fourth Time: Banned for a week.
~Golden Rule! You wouldn't want others to do it to you, so don't bully the other members no matter what rank. If you fail to follow this rule actions will be taken.
~Please keep drama in the rp and out off oc/on the forum. It's annoying and it's really unnecessary.
~No text chat please. Lol is fine, but nothing more. Chat speak is for the chatbox.
~Please remain active. Do not join this pack if you're going to sign up and never visit again. We only want the most active people here, unless of course they are on efa or are a pack friend.
~If you decide you cannot be active anymore and you simply need to leave, please pm an Alpha and post a farewell thread. Please just don't stop logging in.
~Spam: stupid, pointless, annoying, messages. This rule is strict, and if you spam too much, harsh actions will be taken.
~Our site is for teens thirteen years and up. Please don't be that immature person here, because we still do accept kids younger then thirteen. This rule is just a warning.
Cursing and swearing is strictly prohibited! We don't need little kids to learn foul language because it could end up getting the site in trouble. However, words like crap are fine, as long as you don't use it too often. Punishment x2 (First time to cuss, demoted to omega.
~If you ever protest against any rules, no matter what, actions will be taken. We try to make these rules as fair as possible without letting chaos slide. If you're going to protest, gather at least ten other people to help you, otherwise you'll be ignored and will have actions taken against you.

If you catch anyone breaking one of these rules, please inform an Alpha immediately.


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