RolePlay Rules

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RolePlay Rules

Post by Rendali on Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:10 pm

~no godmodding or powerplaying. This will make others wish to not RP with you, and it will slowly get the rp activity to degrade
~We are not a strictly literate pack, in fact we barely are a literate pack, but please have at least two good sentences in your roleplay posts, otherwise you'll be asked to edit it. Failure to do so, and your post will be deleted and you will gain a warning.
~Keep it appropriate in the RP. Since we are a PG13 pack, we'll allow some non-detailed mating/birthing rp posts. (Ex. "He jumped on the she-wolf from behind." or "She prepared herself for her journey through birth...") Nothing more detailed then this!!
~It's alright if your wolf has an enemy/drama in the rp. But please keep it in the rp and nowhere else. It's just someone roleplaying their character, you know. Don't take it personally!

If you catch anyone breaking one of these rules, please inform an Alpha immediately.

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