The Chatbox Rules ('n stuff)

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The Chatbox Rules ('n stuff)

Post by Rendali on Sun Sep 27, 2015 4:59 pm

No SPAMming in the chat! It's really annoying and it can cause the forum/your laptop some lag. If you are caught spamming you'll be warned the first time, then kicked the second time, and banned the third.
Please no roleplaying inside the chat. It's alright to be like *Steals Torpedo's cupcakes >:3" once in a while, but it's a chatbox, not a roleplay box. Also use /me (It'll pop up *Ameli steals Torpedo's cupacakes >:3 in bold)
Please respect the chat moderators. They are the ones with the little @ sign in front of their name, and they have earned those positions. If they tell you to stop doing whatever you are doing, you stop. If you fail to do this then you'll get a kick or even a possible ban for a certain amount of time.


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